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Next.js 13 Fonts with Tailwind

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Next.js 13 introduces a new way to use fonts. This new font system will automatically optimize your fonts and creates a fallback font which reduces the CLS (cumulative layout shift) to zero!

The font system allows us to import fonts directly from google fonts:

import { Raleway, Merriweather_Sans } from "@next/font/google";

In this example we use the Raleway and Merriweather Sans font. The font system will download the fonts and ship them with our app, this removes the extra network request to google, which is good for performance and privacy.

After we have imported the fonts we can create an instance and use it in our jsx:

const raleway = Raleway();
<h1 className={raleway.className}>Hello Raleway</h1>

But this is not what we like to do in a tailwind project. In the next section I will show how to use the new font system with tailwind.

Complete example with TailwindCSS

First we have to install the @next/font package.


pnpm add @next/font

In order to import fonts from google we have to specify the subsets of the fonts. We can do this on instance creation of every font or we can specify the subsets in the next.config.js:


/** @type {import('next').NextConfig} */
const nextConfig = {
experimental: {
appDir: true,
fontLoaders: [
{ loader: "@next/font/google", options: { subsets: ["latin"] } },
module.exports = nextConfig;

After that we import the fonts in our root layout and specify a css variable for each font by using the variable attribute. Than we can bind those variables to one of our html elements.


import { FC, PropsWithChildren } from "react";
import { Raleway, Merriweather_Sans } from "@next/font/google";
const raleway = Raleway({
variable: "--display-font",
const merriweather = Merriweather_Sans({
variable: "--body-font",
const RootLayout: FC<PropsWithChildren> = ({ children }) => (
<html className={`${raleway.variable} ${merriweather.variable}`}>

Now we can use these variables in our tailwind config to define our font families.


/** @type {import('tailwindcss').Config} */
module.exports = {
content: [
theme: {
fontFamily: {
"display": "var(--display-font)",
"body": "var(--body-font)",
extend: {},
plugins: [],

And now we are able to use our fonts with tailwind generated classes:

<h1 className="font-display">Hello from raleway</h1>
<p className="font-body">Hello from Merriweather Sans</p>

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